Written Cancellation of Policy

Is there an Oklahoma Statute requiring written cancellation of an automobile insurance policy?

Answer: It’s an Insurance Department regulation: Chapter 15, Property and Casualty, Subchapter 1, General Provisions, 365:15-1-14: Notice of cancellation or non-renewal:

Unless otherwise provided, insurers shall give at least ten (10) days notice prior to the date of cancellation and twenty (20) days notice prior to the date of non-renewal of the insurance policy. If notice is given by mail, said notice shall be deemed to have been given on the day said notice is mailed. Proof of mailing of the notice of cancellation or non-renewal to the named insured at the address shown in the policy, shall be sufficient proof of notice. (Added at 19 Ok Reg 1303, eff. 7-14-2002)

It is quoted in Equity Ins. Co. v. City of Jenks, 2008 OK 27, 184 P.3d 541.