UM Applicability

I have a guy who was given a work truck that he is allowed to keep at his home and use 24/7. He was hurt in a wreck, but was not at work or in his work truck. Does he have a claim to the UM that is on the work truck?

Answer: No. The employee is insured under the employer’s policy only when occupying the employer’s insured vehicle. It usually comes up in the context of not being able to stack other vehicle’s coverage but the rule is found in:Stanton v. American Mutual, 1987 OK 118, 747 P.2d 945;Babcock v. Adkins, 1984 OK 84, 695 P.2d 1340 andRogers v. Goad, 1987 OK 59, 739 P.2d 519.