Traffic Ticket and Evidence

Question: Is Paying a Traffic Ticket an Admission of Guilt?

Answer: I hate to be a bearer of bad tidings, but I don’t think you’re going to be able to get this in. The cases have sort of gone back and forth over the years but I think the current law is not good for you. See:

Traffic Citation or Arrest – Evidence

Laughlin v. Lamar, 1951 OK 330, 237 P.2d 1015: Payment of fine on traffic charge, in absence of proof of plea of guilty, did not render records of traffic case admissible and admission was reversible error. Accord: Dover v. Smith, 1963 OK 166, 385 P.2d 287.

Witte v. Fullerton, 1962 OK 211, 376 P.2d 244: Inadvertent statement by plaintiff that defendant had been arrested was cured by instruction to jury to disregard and/or Motion for Mistrial no error.

31A C.J.S. Evid. 300, p.771, fn.13.20 and p.772, fn.16.5: Forfeiture of bail not admissible.