Stacking UM

We have a client injured as a passenger who has been offered liability and UM limits under the driver's policy. Insurance company, Liberty Mutual, states in policy that UM policy is "nonstacked" and a single premium is charged. However, there are 3 vehicles on the policy. I ordered rate information from the insurance commissioner, but what we received did not clear this up. Do you have any guidance for how we determine if this policy is stackable?

Answer: What you may have to do is go to the Insurance Commission offices at Sheppard Mall and ask to see Liberty Mutual’s rate filing with the Board of Property and Casualty Underwriters for the period in which your loss occurred. The rate filing will spell out how the rate is calculated, ie. whether there is any sort of additional premium which would make this a multiple premium rather than a single, per policy premium which would permit them to deny stacking.