Rex Travis' 2014 CLE Materials Available

Our CLE page is freshly updated with downloadable PDF versions of Mr. Travis' and Mr. Kouri's 2014 CLE written materials. Downloadable materials include:

“UM Update 2014” by Rex Travis (includes updated UM text, Alphabetical Case Citation List, UM Case Chronology, UM Case Summaries, and Sample Uninsured Motorist Pleadings and UM Statute, 36 O.S. § 3636)

“OAJ Recent Developments in Insurance Law 2014” by Rex Travis

“Malpractice Avoidance 2014” By Rex Travis (all new for 2014)

“Advanced Issues in Uninsured Motorists Coverage 2014” by Paul Kouri (for a deeper understanding of UM coverage and issues)