OklahomIraqis League 10-Year Reunion

This year the OklahomIraqis League, Inc. (OIL) celebrates 10 years of friendship forged in combat and cemented through fantasy football. Through the efforts of Travis Law Office attorney and OIL Commissioner Justin C. Cliburn, the group will hold their draft in the Dallas Cowboy's AT&T Stadium over the Labor Day weekend. They have met their basic fundraising goal so all these former Oklahoma National Guardsmen will have the means to be there to commemorate their bond and remember those who are gone.

Don't miss the Fox News video and story on the OIL, the reunion, and the draft. The group has met their initial fundraising goal, but does not yet have a reserve in case the unexpected happens. If you can help out with this, please visit the OIL's GoFundMe page. And we encourage you to visit the OIL's website and see how it all started