Oklahoma City Lock-Up

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

If you’ve ever wanted to see a lawyer dragged off to jail, you’re about to get your wish. At noon on September 4th, they’ll drag me kicking and screaming off to jail. Okay, maybe not kicking and screaming, because it’s not a real jail. I have agreed to participate in MDA’s annual Lock-Up fundraising event. For the event, my “arresting officer,” a local firefighter, will arrive at my office at noon on Thursday, September 4th, arrest me, and take me to Mickey Mantle’s Steakhouse in Bricktown for booking and incarceration. I will have to eat the “jailhouse grub,” (rough, I know) and will be joined in the joint by local business leaders. I get out after I make “bail” with the help of my friends.

Those of you who know me well know I really don’t like the spotlight. But I thought this was important enough to put my personal preferences aside and “just do it.” I am asking for your support as I support MDA’s campaign to raise awareness and raise funds to combat muscular dystrophy and other muscle diseases that affect children and adults in our community.

What I’m asking you to do:
1. Donate to my “bail,” which goes directly to MDA. (Note: they won’t keep me in if I don’t make the full bail. I’ll get out with or without it.) You can donate securely online using your credit card on my Lock-UP page, in person when you see me, or at the event.

2. Join me at the event at Mickey Mantle’s Steakhouse in Bricktown from noon until 2:00pm on Thursday, September 4th. Have a great lunch, enjoy the fun, meet the MDA team including “sheriff” for the day, Elijah Robles, and take photos of me “behind bars.”

The bail MDA set for me is $2,000. I told MDA I really don’t think I have that many friends. Still, I hope you will join me in demonstrating to kids with muscular dystrophy that Oklahoma attorneys have big hearts and are willing to help out by raising the $2000 and more. If you haven’t already donated, do it today, before you get out of town for the Labor Day weekend.


Paul Kouri