Law School Classes

Rex Travis will teach Insurance Law at The University of Oklahoma College of Law again in fall of 2017.

For your convenience, we provide the class syllabus, supplemental materials, and notes to download under Files and Links, below.

We list the reading assignments on the syllabus and below. Mr. Travis has chosen Insurance Law and Policy: Cases and Materials, 3rd Edition by Baker and Logue as the required text. Supplemental reading materials include an Oklahoma Law Supplement updated for the current year, and various class handouts. We provide the handouts here and via email to download prior to class.

We email and publish class notes here for students to download and print a day prior to class. The notes follow the lecture and slides. All supplemental materials may be found here, as well as on the OU D2L system for course LAW-5732-600 - Insurance.

SPECIAL NOTE: This class normally meets for fewer than the normal number of class meetings but for a slightly longer time at each meeting.