Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Travis Law Office?

  • Experience: Rex Travis has practiced insurance law over 50 years, on the defense side for the first 20 years, so he knows how they operate. Margaret Travis has practiced almost 30 years.
  • Know-how: Rex Travis has taught Insurance Law and Conflicts of Law for more than 20 years. Rex presents continuing legal education (CLE) seminars on insurance law to his fellow attorneys.
  • Trust: We keep you updated on your case, provide copies of everything, and will answer your questions so you always know the status of your case. Our decisions in every case are based on our client’s—your—best interests.
  • Results: We fight for your rights! Though many cases settle before trial, we do not accept a case unless we are willing to take it to trial and we prepare every case as though we will go to trial. That way we are always ready when a case must be tried. Also, unlike many firms, our contract obligates us (and we are willing) to appeal your case, where appeal is warranted.

Why does Travis Law Office keep talking about insurance law?

Understanding insurance law is critical to making a recovery for you in virtually every personal injury case. If there is no insurance coverage, you can “win,” but still not get any money to pay your bills. Similarly, if there is not enough coverage, you can “win” and still not make a recovery, or make only a marginal recovery. We know where to look for every possible source of recovery (insurance) that may apply to your case to get you the maximum amount possible out of your claim and out of your award.

What types of cases does Travis Law Office handle?

Travis Law Office handles most insurance denial claims and injury claims. Please see our Areas of Practice  for the specifics.

What kinds of cases do you not handle?Oklahoma Attorneys on Your Side

We don’t take cases where there is no way for you to make a recovery. Lawsuits are time consuming and difficult. It’s not fair to put you through that if you can’t get anything when the case is over.

We do have a damages “threshold,” because it is not economically feasible to take some cases to trial.

What should I do at the scene if I’m in a car or truck wreck?

We answer this question very fully in our article, “7 Steps to Protect Your Rights After a Wreck.”

What steps should I take after a car or truck accident? 

How do I know if I have a strong case?

When you call Travis Law Offices, our knowledgeable and experienced attorneys always provide a free, initial consultation and will ask you in that consultation for the facts of your claim to determine who is at fault (liability) and evaluate your losses (“damages”) and much more. We evaluate your claim based on these and other factors and tell you if we think you have a viable case, and if not, why not. If our attorneys believe you have a viable claim, but it is outside our area of practice, we will refer you to a reputable attorney practicing in that area of law.

Will the information I share with you be confidential?

Absolutely. Attorney-client privilege will protect your information, even if we do not take your case. We even get your permission before we discuss your case with another attorney if your claim falls outside our practice areas.

What is the statute of limitations in Oklahoma?

Generally, the personal injury statute of limitations in Oklahoma is two years. However, there are different types of claims to which different statutes of limitation apply, both less than two years (claims against government agencies, for example) and more (uninsured and underinsured motorists claims, for example). If your claim is not resolved, you must file a lawsuit within the applicable statute of limitation, or your claim will be forever barred.

 A knowledgeable attorney will look for every statute of limitation, or other time limitation that may apply to your claim to ensure your claim is not barred by missing a statute of limitation. Calling an experienced attorney as soon as possible after an injury or unpaid insurance claim is the best way to protect your rights and make sure your case is not time-barred.

Does Oklahoma law require all motor vehicles be insured?

Yes. While Oklahoma has a compulsory minimum insurance law, many drivers do not comply. If you are injured in a wreck, it is very important for you to contact an experienced attorney to protect your rights.

What can I expect if I choose to work with Travis Law Office?

Our experienced team of attorneys and legal assistants will work hard to get you the maximum recovery possible in your case. For a complete description of what we need from you and what you can expect from us, see our webpage “What to Expect During Your Case.”

Do I have to pay for my initial meeting with Travis Law Office personal injury law firm?

Absolutely not, ever.

How much will I have to pay Travis Law Office at the end of my case?

Travis Law Office is a “contingent fee” firm. This means you don’t have to pay a retainer or hourly fees when we agree to represent you. Our fee is a percentage of the final recovery, which we explain fully in our initial meeting with you. If you don’t make a recovery, you don’t owe us any fees or expenses.

How do I know Travis Law Office has the experience to handle a case like mine?

To get a good idea of the number and types of cases we have handled, look up Rex Travis and Paul Kouri on OSCN (only lists cases filed after a certain date).

What is the firm's track record? How often do you win?

Travis Law Office cannot guarantee to resolve your case favorably. Because the facts of a claim determine its merits, most cases cannot be compared. However, we do resolve the vast majority of our cases favorably.

How many of the firm's attorneys and staff are dedicated to representing injured persons?

Everyone on Travis Law Office’s team is dedicated to helping our clients resolve their cases. We have 2 lawyers, 2 paralegals, and other staff ready to serve you.

 Travis Law Office is small enough to know you and the details of your case, and big enough to get results!

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