What to Expect During Your Case

Oklahoma Attorneys Experienced in Personal Injury, Car Wreck, and Fall Claims

Welcome to Travis Law Office. We want you as our client and are committed to helping you resolve your claim for everything you deserve. Although many cases settle short of trial, we prepare every case as though we will have to win at trial.

Travis Law Office wants to be your trusted legal team for every insurance dispute or personal injury matter. Our entire team of Attorneys will work together to make your case as strong as possible. Additionally, you will have a dedicated Legal Assistant to manage your case. Your Legal Assistant will inform and advise you, and help you gather information for the Attorneys to use to present your claim. We designed the following guidelines to let you know what to expect and to ensure your best chance of winning your case: 

Be totally truthful and honest with us: We can often protect you from revelations that might damage your credibility and affect your case if we know about it beforehand. The attorneys on the other side will sift carefully through your records looking for anything to help their client. Help us prepare for awkward questions and embarrassing revelations before they hurt your case.

Respond promptly to requests: Legal matters are subject to many deadlines, which can hurt or destroy your claim if missed. Please respond to every request within the time-frame we give you.

 Let us know how to reach you:
Give us more than one way to reach you, tell us your preferred means of communication, update us immediately if your contact information changes, and respond to communications as requested.

 Don’t talk about your case:
We’ve all heard on TV, “Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.” The other side is looking for anything to help their case and damage yours. Don’t give it to them.

 Your medical bills are your responsibility:
When your case settles, any medical bills on which liens have been filed and any medical bills paid by your insurance will be paid out of your portion of the proceeds. If you choose not to pay any remaining medical bills out of your portion of the settlement, you are still responsible for them.

 Once your case concludes, we will close your file:
Let us know if there is anything you want back.

And finally, our commitment to you:
We will promptly communicate all developments in your case.
We will send you copies of all documents in your case.
We will answer your questions and promptly return calls and emails.
We will discuss all settlement offers with you, and will not act without your authority.
We will diligently pursue your claim.
We will (in most cases) pay all the expenses of pursuing your claim.
In most cases, if you don’t make a recovery, you will owe us nothing (but you will be responsible for any award made for the defendant’s costs or attorney fee).
We will fight for you! We will use all our experience, knowledge, and resources to win your case.

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