Collection Action in Workers' Compensation Claim

I have a workers’ compensation client who was treated for the job injury by a hospital. The hospital will not bill through comp but has filed a lien and put a collection company onto my client. Is there a cause of action against the hospital and collection attorney for continuing to do this?

It is clear that he doesn't owe it and that the District Court has no jurisdiction of a suit against the employee for collection of the bill. See: Baptist Medical Center of Oklahoma, Inc. v. Aguirre, 1996 OK 133, 930 P.2d 213: Worker sued for medical bill in District Court is entitled to a stay pending resolution of a filed Work. Comp. claim. 85 O.S. 1977 Supp. §14(E), providing district court jurisdiction is abolished requires that interpretation to avoid conflict w/constitutional provision that district courts have general jurisdiction. May have a Fair Debt Collection claim also for the collection company trying to collect an invalid debt.