Case Against County

Does the one year saving statute apply to governmental entities?

Answer: The “saving statute” (12 O.S. Sec. 100) does apply to a Governmental Tort Claim Act Case. Cruse v. Board of County Commissioners of Atoka County, 1995 OK 143, 910 P.2d 998: 12 O.S. §100 applies to GTCA case, overruling (w/o citation) Robbins v. City of Del City, 1994 OK CIV APP 65, 875 P.2d 1170 (Saving statute does not apply to tort claim case), Ceasar v. City of Tulsa, 1993 OK CIV APP 150, 861 P.2d 349 and Gibson v. City of Tulsa, 1994 OK CIV APP 108, 880 P.2d 429.