Briefing Issue of Statute of Limitations and Public Nuisance/odor

What is the statute of limitations for a public nuisance/odor issue that is a continuing harm?

Answer: This may help you: N.C. Corff Partnership, Ltd. v. OXY USA, Inc., 1996 OK CIV APP 92, 929 P.2d 288, 293: "The statute of limitations applicable to nuisance claims in Oklahoma is two years. To the extent damages caused by a nuisance are temporary in nature-i.e., damages reasonably capable of abatement-they will be held not permanent and the statute will not begin to run until injury is suffered. See Elk City v. Rice, 286 P.2d 275 (Okla.1955); City of Ardmore v. Orr, 35 Okla. 305, 129 P. 867 (1913); Haenchen v. Sand Products Co., 626 P.2d 332 (Okla.Ct.App.1981). Recoverable damages are limited to the two years immediately preceding the filing of the action, however. If the nuisance is not abatable (i.e., is permanent), then the statute begins to run at such time as it becomes obvious and apparent that the land in question has been permanently damaged. See Skelly Oil Co. v. Humphrey, 195 Okla. 384, 158 P.2d 175 (1945); Shell Oil Co. v. Vanderslice, 192 Okla. 690, 138 P.2d 841 (1943)."

To the same effect see Moneypenney v. Dawson, 2006 OK 53, 141 P.3d 549.