Attorney Rex Travis 

At Travis Law Office we have a team of experienced lawyers ready to fight for you. Led by Rex Travis and Greg Milstead, and with combined experience of over 60 years, we have the know-how to resolve your claim.


Rex Travis workingRex Travis graduated from the University of Oklahoma College of Law in 1962, and celebrated his 50th year as an Oklahoma attorney in 2012. He practiced insurance defense for nearly twenty years before switching over to representing injured Oklahomans and those denied insurance coverage. Rex has now been a plaintiffs’ attorney for more than thirty years. Having practiced on both the insurance defense and injured plaintiffs’ sides, he knows how to maximize your recovery when you have been hurt or have an insurance dispute. Read More about Rex.

Greg Milstead graduated from the University of Oklahoma College of Law in 2005. He practiced oil and gas law for over 10 years writing drilling and division order title opinions and handling related matters for Oklahoma-based oil and gas producers. During that time, Greg gained considerable experience and knowledge in those areas. Although the nature of that business involved ensuring that individual royalty owners received proper payment and that other rights were documented and protected, representing oil companies provided precious little opportunity to further many of the goals that led him to the practice of law in the first place.

Greg met Paul Kouri in law school and worked with Rex Travis and Paul Kouri as co-counsel on a case in 2007 involving a bad faith claim against an insurance company. Greg was impressed with the knowledge, experience and the practical, no-nonsense approach that the Travis Law Office team took toward the case and the favorable result obtained. When a position at Travis Law Office opened up and coincided with a favorable window for Greg to make a career change, he gladly joined the Travis Law Office team.

Greg dedicated much of his law school effort toward the pursuit of justice for individuals and pursuit of individual rights. While at the University of Oklahoma College of Law, Greg was awarded the Salem Civil Rights Award and the Grimes Civil Libertarian Award in recognition of these pursuits. These ideals continue to drive Greg. You can count on Greg Milstead to work hard to protect your rights and achieve justice for you in your case.